Polishing the pulpit  For building sermons today 


So you want to know more about 
sermon planning Objectives eh?

by Ed Thomason

Jesus came to seek and save the lost (that's what is meant by "Evangelistic" but he also came "that we might have life and that more abundantly" (and that is what is meant when we speak of such things as Consecration and Ethics.) All these objectives listed are scriptural and important in sermon presentation. If we try not to stick to just one objective, we can bring variety into our preaching and build a well rounded ministry. Try to use one of these broad but specific objectives in each sermon.

THE EVANGELISTIC OBJECTIVE:  To present the gospel to those who do not know it and encourage them to become Christians.

THE DOCTRINAL OBJECTIVE: To provide insight and understanding and conviction in great doctrinal themes of the Bible.

THE ETHICAL OBJECTIVE: The implications and applications of what God has said in the life of the Christian. Because of one's relationship with Christ there are certain ethics to uphold in our lives that we need to be taught and reminded of.

THE DEVOTIONAL OBJECTIVE: Try to increase the love and adoration and worship of God in our lives.

THE CONSECRATIVE OBJECTIVE: The complete surrender of oneself to God by actions that are appropriate to his nature.

THE SUPPORTIVE OBJECTIVE: Comfort and strengthen people in times of difficulty and stress.

-- I am truly in dept to my mentor and teacher William Woodson for my understanding of the above objectives.



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