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by Robert L. Schales

Free Bible tracts

Electronic Tract Rack
by Truth for the World

(Technical and Scientific)

The True Origin Archive Exposing the Myth of Evolution

Ashby Camp's list of articles supporting Creation

Related Links listed by True Archive

Discovery by Apologetics Press

Reason and Revelation by Apologetics Press


House to House and Heart to Heart *new

Christian Woman magazine 

Discovery Magazine by
Apologetics Press

Gospel Advocate
latest articles

Reason and Revelation by
Apologetics Press

Webzine for the Christian woman
by members of the churches of Christ


The Gospel Gleaner by the Mabelvale Church of Christ 

Christian Courier

Gospel Gazette

Power Southhaven MS

Seek the Old Paths
East Corinth MS, Garland Robinson

Seek ye First 
Michael Light, Tom Moore

The Harvester
Florida School of Preaching


ebibleteacher specializes in the use of power point presentations. 

Go here to find software for songs and sermons.

Free power point templates

Power point presentations
by the Waterford Church of Christ (David Parks)


CNN News Research 

USA Today News

New York Times

Associated Press



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