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Sure every sermon has a text but is it your focal point?
by Ed Thomason

When it comes to expository preaching, the "text" is the focal point of the lesson. It can be as large as an entire book or as small as one sentence. But it is the text that produces the key points of the lesson.

With careful sermon planning you can select texts that tend to fall under certain general themes. After a little practice you will find yourself reading a passage and thinking that "this verse would work well in addressing our young people." And so it would fall under that particular Sermon plan theme. You might after some thought decide that the text is evangelistic or devotional or consecrational. (see objective tips). And hopefully, the major points of your sermon will begin to just pop out at you as you study the passage in more detail. (This, to me is the great joy to expository preaching.) The text itself is the focus of the lesson and it contains the points to be taught. If you should find yourself "forcing points" that are not in the text you may be bending or distorting the truth. Honesty makes you stay with the text. And by staying with the text, we will be assured that we are preaching the unsearchable riches of Christ.

Remember to always honestly ask: What does this text really say? Then let that be your cue! Now go find a text.


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