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How about that title?
Why should you bother?

by Ed Thomason

It should be obvious that the "sermon title" is an outgrowth of what your lesson is about. But sermon titles don't have to be dull sounding. Try to be clever and create interest in what you are going to preach by using a simple but effective title that grabs attention and gives direction to your audience as to where you may be going. The title is sort of an "appetizer." (Especially if you advertise your lessons ahead of time.) It gives your audience a small taste of what is to come.  (But just be sure you can deliver what your title advertises!)

Try experimenting with sermon titles. Try to make your sermon titles  relate to something contemporary that your audience can identify with. This will add a freshness to your work even before you start to preach. 

Avoid titles that are silly (remember the gravity of what we are doing.)
Avoid titles that are ominous (i.e., "21 ways to destroy your faith.") 

Use your sixth sense (common sense) and develop your skills when it comes to sermon titles. (Just don't spend too much time here.)


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