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What do the Scriptures say?
On line books (Christian Evidences and 
Distinctive Features of the Church of Christ by a host of authors)

Classic Christian Books
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The Ancient World Web
- a historical resource

Bible Net
- a great resource library

The Online Books Page

Library of Congress catalog

The Internet Public Library
Restoration Movement Texts This is a wonderful catalog with bios of some of the most noted among the restoration preachers. (I especially enjoyed listening to a brief sound bit of Marshal Keeble's invitation.)
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Restoration devotionals and spiritual classics
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Recently published restoration books on line
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E-Books and video files of the 2000 Mid-West Lectures

Shaff's history of the Christian church
The temple- its ministry and services as they were at the time of Christ, Edersheim, 1800's

The Bible History Old Testament, Edersheim

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Sketches of Jewish Social Life, Edersheim

The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah Edersheim

A Commentary on the New Testament by Lightfoot

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies (Not ours I don't think but very scholarly)

Online Library by the West-Ark Church of Christ

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