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Cyprus Greek-Ancient, Greek-English Dictionary

(a translation dictionary for English Greek and Ancient Greek.)

Lidell-Scott Greek Lexicon
(This is a somewhat complicated research tool but may prove helpful.) slow uplink sometimes

Greek Lexicons or Old Testament Lexicon 
(It has been brought to our attention that while based upon Thayer, this lexicon by "crosswalk"  expresses opinions and denominational bias in its explanations of certain words). Reader beware! 

Greek Grammar on the web 
(a great site with many links to various tutors. Religious affiliation unknown.)

Learning New Testament Greek
by Corey Keating (Religious affiliation unknown)

Westcott-Hort Greek New Testament 

Greek Text and Parsing Guide

The Bible in Original Laguages by zhuert.com  This website is designed to make the study of the Bible in the original languages more accessible. As such, we have the Greek original behind the majority of modern translations (NIV,ESV,etc.) which has been diligently tagged by James Tauber (version 5.07). This 'tagging' indicates what the original word was (verb, noun, present, past, etc.) and does not reflect a 'change' to the text itself in any way.


The Greek New Testament Gateway

The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism

Resource pages on Biblical Studies
Focusing on the early Christian writers and their social world




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