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Looking for Ed's Bible Class studies?
Ed Thomason (editor or has a few of his own studies on this site.

Free Bible Class books by Jeff Asher at Bible Talk (new) see  additional books on Personal work prepation Here

Free Bible Class Books by Gene Taylor, Centerville Road, Tallahassee FL (new)

Sunday School Resources
for children's classes

Rogersville AL
Church of Christ (scroll below sermons) Walking thru the Bible, Bible survey, Bible book of the month and more.

David Padfield has a list of free class room workbooks, charts, sermons, wedding and funeral outlines and debates. A great site for finding a good Wednesday night Bible study.

Manly Luscombe
has topical studies he calls his "searcher's class."

David W.Chadwell
study guides 

Spiritual Success

(a list of women's bible studies)

("how to" resource in building puzzles for class rooms using the computer) *Good resource tool for creative teachers.

Old Wire Church of Christ downloads


Dan Flournoy Northeast Church of Christ, Hurst TX offers "Help for the Bible School" with discussions re: organization, curriculum, etc.

ebible teacher is a great source for Bible class materials specializing in 
the use of power point presentations with other useful links.
photos and descriptions of bible places (new)

Bible History and Geography
Centerville Road, Tallahassee FL
Bible Cities / studies (Adobe format)

James A Turner Bible Lessons

By Ed Thomason

Editorial 1 -- "Becoming a better Bible Student" An in-depth study of some basic study principles when it comes to interpreting the Bible. 

Editorial 2 – "Alleged Bible contradictions" This study came as a result of "a list" of alleged contradictions given to me by a young man who did not believe.  


Bible Maps

World Atlas


Yahoo! Maps


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